Our environmental approach

We Care

A CO2-neutral festival

Environmental protection and sustainable development are at the heart of Caribana We Care! The proximity of the lake and the surrounding vegetation make the place magical, and Caribana wishes to preserve such an enchanting place. The festival aims to be eco-responsible in its entirety, and works every year to get closer to this goal and achieve carbon neutrality.

Waste management and site protection

Each year, Caribana covers about 70% of its surface with reusable plastic tiles. This artificial floor protects the ground from the passage of machines and festival-goers and offers extra comfort in case of rain. In addition, these tiles make it easier for wheelchairs and pushchairs to move around and avoid the sometimes unpredictable terrain.

The festival also works to reduce the amount of waste created during the event. Since 2007, the Caribana has been using a returnable tableware system. Plates, cutlery and cups can be returned to the organisation to be cleaned and reused.

When waste is not reusable, Caribana is uncompromising in its treatment. Sorting trees line the site to effectively sort waste. PET, aluminium, glass, cardboard, paper, batteries, coffee capsules, paint and wood are carefully sorted by the festival. To help with this mission, Caribana works with local companies and ensures that cleaning products are non-harmful.

Reducing the carbon footprint

The festival works with many other partners to reduce its carbon footprint. The urinals do not use water, and the toilet paper is recycled. Each year, the Caribana decorates the site with all the material that it is possible to reuse. The prints are made on FSC-certified paper. This is only temporary, the festival is organising its transition to fully digital means of communication in order to massively reduce its paper consumption. The Caribana clothing line is also subject to strict ethical criteria. The festival has partnered with Importexa to offer an environmentally friendly collection.

To guarantee a responsible electricity consumption, Caribana makes sure to work with partners providing green electricity. Electrical appliances are rigorously monitored to avoid excesses. In addition, the festival is expanding the use of LED bulbs.

In order to involve festival-goers in the collective effort, the festival encourages soft mobility. Caribana collaborates with the Transports publics de la région nyonnaise (TPN) so that you can travel free of charge and with peace of mind between the festival and your home. A carpooling platform is also available on the festival website, and bicycles are also available for hire.

The Caribana is open to all. The festival will therefore provide parking spaces and access for people with reduced mobility (PRM). A team of volunteers is on hand to ensure that PRMs can fully enjoy the festival.

How do our rates work?

Our prices are progressive, increasing according to the level of demand. The best way to get the best price? Book your tickets now!

Example for the adult rate

Early birds: CHF 69.–

Available : CHF 76.–

Hurry up: CHF 84.–

Soon soldout...: CHF 89.–

Adult rate

Applicable from the age of 17

Reduced rate

AVS, AI, Students, Apprentices, Children between 8 and 16 (free for children under 8)

VIP rate

Take advantage of our exclusive offer including a personal welcome with a glass of champagne, access to the festival site through the VIP entrance and to the various areas (artists’ bar, terrace offering a panoramic view of the Main Stage).