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Unfortunately, we do not refund tickets (see conditions of purchase). You can give them away or resell them to your friends and family, as the tickets are not nominative.

If you bought your tickets via our ticketing service, you will find them in your account. Just log on to this link.

Underage up to the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Children under 8 years of age have free access to the festival.

No, they don’t need a ticket.

Concert schedules will be available in early May on our website.

Lost and found items are handed in at the info booth. During the festival, you can write to to report a lost item.

A deposit will be charged and refunded when you return your cup or reusable tableware.

In 2023, the festival adopts NO CASH. All payments will have to be made by credit card or Twint.

No, we do not have a locker.

From Monday all items are handed over to the Nyon Police.

Access to the port of Crans by boat is prohibited during the festival (Port closed during the event).

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How do our rates work?

Our prices are progressive, increasing according to the level of demand. The best way to get the best price? Book your tickets now!

Example for the adult rate

Early birds: CHF 69.–

Available : CHF 76.–

Hurry up: CHF 84.–

Soon soldout...: CHF 89.–

Adult rate

Applicable from the age of 17

Reduced rate

AVS, AI, Students, Apprentices, Children between 8 and 16 (free for children under 8)

VIP rate

Take advantage of our exclusive offer including a personal welcome with a glass of champagne, access to the festival site through the VIP entrance and to the various areas (artists’ bar, terrace offering a panoramic view of the Main Stage).